So, you wish to decorate your bathroom with tile, but are overwhelmed by the great choice of colors, shapes, and sizes? You came across the right place for inspiration.

There are thousands of practical and durable bathroom tile designs available, and these designs can inspire you to create your own unique bathroom tile arrangement.


In addition to the traditional tile design details, this article showcases a series of tile décor ideas, which include, the pairing of styles and colors with layering techniques and borders, to transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat.


Take a stand against minimalist trends and introduce splashes of color and fresh patterns in your boring bathroom by implementing one or more of these options.

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1.Large Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tile Ideas

There are many benefits of installing large hexagon bathroom tiles. They make it faster and easier to renovate your bathroom, and they require fewer tiles. This will make a smaller bathroom look bigger, and will also means fewer grout lines for limescale to build up. 


Large format tiles give the impression that a bathroom is much more spacious because of their modern wallpaper-like appearance, the fact that installation takes the least amount of time, and the fact that small bathrooms look larger.


2.Place Tiles in a Diagonal Pattern

Place Tiles in a Diagonal Pattern

Try using subway tiles in a herringbone pattern to break the mold of boring parallel lines. The best tile shape to use for this design is rectangular, but planning ahead will help you more accurately create an edge-to-edge effect on every wall.

You may wish to begin the tile arrangement above a sink or the toilet to allow for a contrast color at the base. Black subway tiles with white grout look superb above a black or white painted wall!


3.Bathroom Penny Tiles

Bathroom Penny Tiles

Known for adding texture and eye-catchiness to the room, penny tiles add depth and dimension to the walls, trim, or floor, depending on whether you are covering the floor or wall. Try replacing your grout in your floor with a color that stands out like a contrasting color. 


This could be black and grey or blue and white to create a bold and refreshing look. Remember that smaller penny tiles add more texture to the space and they’re perfect to accentuate sink zones to make the wash area pop. For the ultimate bold and chic look, go for grey marble penny tiles with a black grout throughout the inside of your shower.

4.Subway Tile Accents

Subway Tile Accents

It doesn’t get more traditional than the classic subway tile, especially in a white tile combined with a dark grout. Subway tiles generate the illusion of parallel lines for a classic look regardless of the tile’s color and pattern.


It is advisable not to use a single color grout and tile mix for your bathroom, as this will make your area look dull. A lacquered gray subway tile with white grout is great for creating a vintage vibe in your bath.


5.Glass Mosaic Accents

Glass Mosaic Accents

Glass mosaic accents make it possible for the bathroom to reflect light. They work well to delineate areas in the bathroom, and to draw attention to features, but they can also be used as a full wall of backsplash. The tile mosaics are also available in the colors of earth tone shades.


Instead of installing thousands of tiles on your wall, opt for an accent strip that covers the complete perimeter of your bathroom, much like a belt. They are ideal for a shower or toilet surround due to their bacteria-resistant quality and can be painted white or metallic in order to look stunning.

6.Use Chevron Diagonal Patterns to Elongate Spaces

Use Chevron Diagonal Patterns to Elongate Spaces

Tiles in the shape of arrows appear to be more open than chevron motifs. This sort of pattern for bathroom floors is the most costly and time-consuming method, so keep an eye out for subway tiles printed with chevron patterns.

You can create an adventurous look by choosing tiles of contrasting colors and decorating a wall entirely in the chevron pattern. Chevron patterns next to walls promote an elegant look that never gets bored.


7.Get Funky with Graphic Tiles

Get Funky with Graphic Tiles

You can make a bold statement with graphic tiles to add a noticeable depth to an otherwise plain bathroom. Keep in mind that the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home and your favorite design may not seem appealing at all later on.


Keep the graphic tiles in good taste and avoid overdoing it with random patterns on a wall that can quickly become overwhelming. What’s important here is to achieve certain effects when using solid color tiles that regular patterns won’t.


8.Organize Tiles into a Brick Bond

Organize Tiles into a Brick Bond

When laying subway tiles in a brick bond, there’s something about the tiles that instantly boost visual interest. Generally speaking, the larger rectangular tiles will distract the eye from the smallness of a space and the parallel lines will add horizontal depth.


Try white tiles over your walls with dark grout lines in the brick bond format to make the floor appear larger and your room seem more spacious. This is a great way to make your space seem more open and larger.



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