1. Natural beauty

Natural beauty

One way to maintain a sense of connection to nature is to use mosses as walls. This great design trend lets you feel connected to nature while giving the room a feeling of freshness and relaxation.


If you use lichen (which is not technically moss, but has a very similar look), then you can have moss walls with low maintenance. Just keep the humidity appropriate, and you can skip the watering. All you need to do is avoid direct sunlight.

2. Bathroom moss wall

Bathroom moss wall

You need to have the space to fit a moss wall in your bathroom. It absorbs the water from steam, making moss walls work great in the bathroom. You will enjoy the natural air-purifying effects as you go through your daily routine.


3.Moss room divider

Moss room divider

When it comes to dividing very large rooms, moss-covered dividers are a great idea for those who find a simple one too boring. This would add a splash of beauty to the design.

4.Moss paintings

Moss paintings

Moss paintings can instantly transform a room for a natural, green feel. Whether in the dining room or bedroom, they can satisfy your taste for natural greenery even indoors. I highly recommend the use of steel mesh paired with a sturdy container and the moss.


5.Large moss walls

Large moss walls

It is recommended to go for particularly large moss walls if you would like to make a strong statement and have the space to do so. If you are more creative with larger pieces, the end result will be eye-catching.

6.Faux living wall

Faux living wall

For those who prefer synthetic plant life, there are options on the market which can achieve the natural look of moss. Faux grass is easy to find and can be found in many craft stores. It’s a quick solution and works well to help shape a living wall.


7.Dye the moss with colorful accents

Dye the moss with colorful accents

Moss has a cool feature of being dyed with non-toxic dyes or natural colorants. This gives the designer new customization options when he wants to add a striking accent to his panels.

8.Pairing moss panels with black furniture

Pairing moss panels with black furniture

You can give your living room more impact by creating a strong contrast of colors. An interesting idea is to combine black and white furniture with a bright-looking moss wall. Panels made from preserved lichen are durable and will definitely impress your guests.


9.Unleashing creativity with moss walls

Unleashing creativity with moss walls

A moss wall doesn’t always have to come with just ferns and wood. It can have a variety of other elements to make it more visually appealing. The background can also add to the impact of the moss wall.

With the help of a company such as Artisan Moss, many customized pieces can be crafted using greenery and stacked stone veneer.


10.Vertical garden

Vertical garden

Your vertical garden will be truly revitalized if you incorporate a moss wall. Being outdoors, you have more room to add multiple kinds of plants to make a stunning vertical garden.


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