When testing out new outfit combinations, you need the ability to view yourself clearly. Another option to do this is to install multiple mirrors on the doors to create the feel of a larger closet with the light reflection. This would be beneficial when dealing with smaller walk-in wardrobes.


2.Vanity Section

Vanity Section

With the rise of walk-in closets, vanity units have become an increasingly popular addition. This will only serve to simplify the process of doing one’s makeup as you will have your own dedicated space. Why not add one in your walk-in closet if it is spacious enough?


Make-up supplies and other tools need to be stored in the vanity section. As well as comfy seating and reliable lighting, a large static mirror could be the final missing link in your vanity section. It’s not mandatory but a portable mirror will do the job in most cases.


3.White Style

White Style

White is one of the most popular colors when it comes to picking a walk-in closet theme. The reason behind that is quite straightforward. Your clothes will stand out thanks to the contrast and give an impression of a crisp, clean dressing area.


4.Adding Some Wallpapers

Adding Some Wallpapers

Personalizing the walk-in closet is always a great idea, as this space is not only functional, but it should also have an aesthetic touch. You can get some expensive wallpaper for your walk-in closet that will work perfectly in a small space, rather than a large living room.


The wallpaper perfectly fits into this narrow walk-in closet and gives it a fresh patterned look. This is one spot where you can really enjoy some luxury vibes and the right wallpaper can make that possible.

5.Washer and Dryer

Washer and Dryer

The idea of installing washing and drying machines in walk-in closets may seem strange to some, but it actually makes perfect sense. You no longer need to carry laundry back and forth. Installing these appliances here simplifies your laundry chores and allows for a more convenient placement.

It is evidently an idea not everyone can apply to their walk-in closets due to their spatial constraints. In that case, you should at least consider the addition of a laundry chute to make your life easier when doing laundry.

6.Choosing the Best Shape

Choosing the Best Shape

There are a number of shapes you can choose when designing a walk-in closet. By determining the perfect shape, you can make the most of the available space. Those who want the best storage possibilities should stick with a U-shaped closet.


A L-shaped closet can give you much-needed breathing space. Perhaps the easiest of designs to incorporate is the straight closet style. No matter what shape you go with, it’s good to leave extra room for a seating area or future expansion plans.

7.Pop of Color

Pop of Color

A walk-in closet usually has been built just to be used by one person, which allows you to let this room show off your personality. That could mean adding a pop of color rather than choosing a monotone color palette. This is a personal space you can show off your creative side.


8.Storage is Key

Storage is Key

Essentially, the purpose of a walk in closet is to store the contents of your wardrobe. It’s important to utilize more efficient storage methods to arrange a lot of clothing and accessories. You should be able to locate clothes quickly when entering the walk-in closet.

Your walk-in closet should have a good supply of storage options, including many drawers to provide extra storage and keep dust at bay. Your best choice for jewelry is a jewelry box. You should also have plenty of shelving and cabinets for storing your clothes.

9.Seating Area

Seating Area

Having a seating area is an almost mandatory component to adding to a walk-in closet. It makes placing shoes, as well as how you accessorize, better with the help of an ottoman. An ideal option would be an ottoman with included storage, found here.


10.Dressing Island

Dressing Island

The dressing island is a convenient addition for a walk-in closet and can serve as a favored spot for storing essentials or trying items on. Many models come with generous storage options like drawers and you can improve their organizational capacity with extra trays and boxes for accessories.

There is one downside to this idea if your walk-in closet doesn’t really have space for a center island and it doesn’t have a lot of square footage. If you decide to try it, choose a dressing island that matches your closet for a harmonious look.


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